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11 Habits of Organized People

Habit #1 - They Develop a Routine

Organized people have routines and stick to them. It takes two weeks to create a habit and organized people are diligent in creating good habits in their daily life. They have both morning and evening routines such as putting things away in their designated spots, sorting through mail on a daily basis, cleaning up messes immediately, and making the bed each morning. Organized people don’t even think about these routines as they have become part of their daily routine.

Habit #2 - They Create To-Do Lists

Organized people stay on task by creating a daily/weekly plan and stick to it. They visually see what is important to accomplish that day and develop a plan. If they are running errands, they decide the most efficient route to accomplish it, freeing up time for other pursuits. They keep calendars and use automated reminders for important occasions or meetings.

Habit #3 - They are Always Evaluating Their Surroundings

Organized people remove things that are creating obstacles in their lives. They are constantly asking themselves if something is useful or clutter. Organized people make several trips per year to donation facilities with items they’ve purged. They throw away or recycle broken items if they know they will not fix it. “Someday” or “I Might” is not in their vocabulary. They are constantly evolving and change their habits as life circumstances change.


Habit #4 - They are Goal Oriented

Organized people know when something needs to be done and they do it until 100% completion. They focus on the task on hand and don’t become easily distracted. They are hyper-focused to the end result and hold themselves accountable for their lives and surroundings.

Habit #5 - They Strive to Keep Their Inbox Current

Organized people constantly scan their email and respond immediately. They create folders and place important answered emails in them according to what they are. They flag any emails that need follow-up and place a notation on a calendar as a reminder.

Habit #6 - They Believe Everything Has a Place

Organized people designate a place for everything down to the smallest item. They can quickly find what they need at any time. They have a sense of control over their surroundings and find home to be a peaceful place. They rarely lose their keys or phone within the home because keys are hung on a hook and phones are placed in a tray when not needed. They do not run out the door late because they lost something.


Habit #7 - They Know How to Delegate

Organized people know their limits and make sure that others in the household do their part. They create a routine and when it’s beginning to be derailed, how to get back on track immediately. They hold others accountable which keeps them from burnout.

Habit #8- They Manage Stress More Effectively

Organized people create an atmosphere and life that is free from things that drag them down emotionally and mentally. They are able to be flexible when life changes quickly because they don’t have a plate already overflowing with stress and disorganization. They prioritize their peace of mind and are always evaluating their lives, what is working and what is not.

Habit #9 – They Own Less Stuff

Organized people live a more minimalistic life. They tend to evaluate purchases from a place of “will this benefit my life or take away from it” or “do I have room for this item”. They tend to know their available space in their home and are selective on what takes up that space. Their items tend to be something they truly love or truly need. They are not swayed by commercials and marketing ploys because they know true happiness does not come from the things they own, but the relationships they have with others and with themselves.

Habit #10 – They Label Most Things

Organized people use label makers and signs to locate items quickly. Their Christmas decorations can easily be separated from Easter or Halloween because the boxes are labeled and placed in groups. They label items in their pantry, closets, and garages. They embrace the visual.

Habit #11 – They Make Adjustments as Life Changes

Organized people know that life will change and therefore adjust the way they organize. Getting married, having a baby, a new puppy or kitten, or elderly parent(s) moving in can change the space they live in. Organized people adapt to change and make plans for the next chapter in their lives.

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