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11 Steps to a More Organized Office

1. Clean up your desk at the end of every day.

Set aside the last 15 minutes to put things back in their place so that you can come in with a clean slate. There is nothing more revitalizing then starting fresh each day.

2. Put only what you absolutely use every day on your desk.

Place your tape dispenser and paper clips in your drawer or cabinet, this will free up space on your desk for the paperwork you are working on.

3. Use technology to your advantage.

Pitch the calendar and rely on your phone or computer. If you prefer a physical calendar, invest in a white board calendar that can be placed on your wall. Not only will you be able to make changes easily, but it will be in a place that will not take up precious work space.

4. Go as paperless as possible.

For files that you absolutely need at your fingertips, create a color-coded file system to quickly find what you’re looking for. If you have the space for multiple file cabinets, create different file drawers for each subject such as financials, clients, etc. for an easier time locating what you need.

5. Ditch books for online eBooks.

If this isn’t possible, color-code them and place them on a book shelf. A color-coded list to correspond to the books make finding them easier.

6. If you have a cubicle, think minimalism.

Trinkets and pictures can take up precious space. Make sure you love what you have on your desk and pitch the rest.

7. Create designated spaces in your office.

Client Meetings – create a space where you can sit comfortably and discuss business. 4 cushioned chairs and a round coffee table keeps things casual and inviting. Put in a corner to make it cozier.

Work Desk – keep only what you need on your desk and face it towards the entry door. This makes your office inviting to visitors and keeps you from jumping out of your skin by avoiding someone sneaking up on you.

Task Desk – if you have the room, this is where you should put items that require creative thinking or some type of physical task. It also gives you a much needed break from your desk.

8. Invest in ergonomic furniture.

Add a standing desk unit to your desk to keep fatigue from setting in. How about an exercise ball to occasionally trade for your chair? A foot stool can help align your back as you sit. Be creative, your body will thank you.

9. Keep your phone on the dominant-hand side of the desk.

This way you’re not always reaching across your body and the cord isn’t going across your keyboard or paperwork on your desk.

10. Use a timer

Designate how much time you spend on one project and work only on THAT PROJECT. By focusing on one project at a time, you can be assured you are completing it properly.

11. Keep your colors in the office to two or three.

Stress-levels can increase when there is too much busyness in decor. Natural tones found in nature create a calming effect. Getting your inspiration from your local spa is a great way to determine what to add and take away.

Stay tuned for more office ideas to get your work space functioning for you.

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