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Hiring an organizer is well worth the cost. An organizer has a keen eye and also an innate talent to determine what works best for their individual client’s needs. They do not easily get overwhelmed and this helps the process of customizing a client’s home. Each client has individual needs based on their stage in life. Once your organizer leaves and everything has a place, it is time to adopt some habits that will keep your home organized.

Each client will need to determine what habits to set in place. Here are some suggested habits:

Organized Utensils in Kitchen
Organized Kitchen Drawer


  • Determine where your habits need to change.

  • Place utensils, dishes and glasses directly in the dishwasher, not the sink.

  • Buy a magnet that indicates if the dishes are dirty or clean.

  • If you wash the dishes by hand, wash immediately after eating. On days where you have no energy, make a deadline for the next day.

  • Purge your kitchen supplies down to three items per person living in home. Three dishes, three spoons, etc.

  • If something comes into the kitchen, something must leave.

  • It’s okay to have a junk drawer, just keep it organized “junk”. No tossing stuff in the drawer.


  • If you buy an item, take an item out.

  • Always take an inventory of what you have before shopping.

  • Remember fashion changes quickly. Purge often.

  • Purge when the seasons change. If you didn’t wear it last season it’s time to donate.

  • Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s a bargain. You’re still spending money.

  • When you change clothes, immediately put them away. Put shoes and jewelry away immediately. If you’re too tired, make a deadline for the next day.

  • Do your laundry when you know you will complete all of it. Yes, folding and hanging up right out of the dryer! It will become a habit.

  • Make a “no drop zone” rule.

  • If you live with someone, create these habits together.


  • Makeup expires. Keep only one of each item to avoid clutter and spoilage.

  • Keep one of each styling solutions and replace as it gets low (gel, conditioner, shampoo, mousse, etc.)

  • Only buy items as they are about to run out or have only one backup. Keep backup items out of the bathroom if possible.

Family Room

  • At the end of the day put away or fold blankets you used to watch tv.

  • Put all toys away in a designated place before going to bed. Children can learn to do this by 5 or 6 years old.

  • Fluff you pillows and put any dirty dishes, mail, etc. in its proper place before going to bed. If you’re too tired, then do it first thing the next morning.

Home School/Playroom Organization
Organized Playroom


  • If your child/children have not touch it in over 6 months it’s time to donate.

  • Keep stuffed animals from overtaking the area. If one comes in, one goes out.

  • Watch for sentimentality thinking. Your child’s favorite “stuffy” is okay but be picky on what you keep for when they are grown. I have my favorite stuffy and a couple blankets and I’m okay with just those as an adult. Don’t overthink it.

  • Make a rule that at the end of playing, all toys go back into their designated spots. Create a cleanup game. Don’t bribe.

  • Children can become overwhelmed by too many toys. Keep a minimal amount to help them value their possessions.

  • Adopt a “less is more” mentality.

Home Office

  • Do not print out